I have no idea what I am doing but want shirts, can you help?

Of course we can! This is suppose to be easy . . . and we are easy! Give us a call  . . . it's that easy.


Do you offer more than shirts?

Sure do! We have an abundance of clothing options and also, awards, plaques, photo items, signs, can/bottle koozies, and much more.


What is your turnaround time?

Usually 3 business days upon approval of art.


That excludes shipping time and weekends. If its a ton of detail or something odd, that can increase turnaround time.


Our turnaround time is not a guarantee so if you have a deadline you should let us know right away.


How should i supply my artwork?

If you know your stuff, the best format to get your art to us is as an Adobe Illustrator file, to 100% the size you want it to print, with all fonts outlined, no placed art, and saved as CS8 or newer.


Next best is a 300 dpi file (JPG, PSD, EPS, PDF) to full print size.

If you kinda know your stuff but aren't TOTALLY sure – we outlined the process on our art prep page to help you out.


What is the largest print size?

Thats a loaded question. Each process we do has its own constraints.

In general, screen printing is 12” W x 13.5” H for a full front or back print.


What if i want something bigger?

Its possible but you are going to need to call us to discuss the details.


I’m not sure what kind of shirts i want to print on.

There are tons of brands and options for you to choose from . . . check out our catalog, we do have more . . . but don't want to over load you. Or if you really are in a quandary, we can help you narrow things down.


How much are screen charges?

NOTHING!!! You don’t pay for screens on any order from Creative Apparel. Our pricing is all inclusive with no surprise fees.


Do you have a minimum?

Nope. Just keep in mind the price of your order is driven by quantity.


Can I mix and match shirt and ink colors?

Yes. As long as the ink colors are the same and work on the shirt color. If we need to change ink colors it will cost $10 per swap.


Can I mix shirt sizes / do I have to order in dozens?

Yes / No.


Can I supply my own garments?



I want some other different brand, can you do that?

Yep. As long as we can get the blanks we will print it for you….


I got extras in my order / I am missing a few shirts that I ordered / The print isn't in the exact same place of every shirt… What happened?

Orders are counted in and out so it is very rare that you will be shorted on an order. If you find that you have been shorted, contact us and we will verify it. If they are overrun, you can let us know but its usually that we toss extras in as a thank you for being such a great customer. Sometimes a shirt is damaged in the process and due to the nature of printing. Again, let us know and we will make it right. Also, this is a hands on process. Every shirt is loaded by hand – so there will be slight variables where the print falls. Variations can be upwards of 1/4 inch. We do this all day everyday and have it down to an amazing skill…but if you look hard enough (at duplicates of any shirt), you are going to find variations. Its always smart to order extras.


If you really have an issue, return the shirts. We will review them and follow up with an honest  professional opinion and solution.


Do I need to pay for my order now?

Yes, we require a minimum of 50% down before we work on your order, including artwork.


Creative Apparel rocks, how can I possibly thank you for being so great?

Aww shucks, thanks. You don't need to do anything…..just tell your friends. Its the only way we get any work.


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